Mystery box!

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Now is your opportunity to say yes to the mystery box! You’ve seen what happens when people turn it down haven’t you? You’ve seen the look of disappointment on their face haven’t you? Do not underestimate the powers of the mystery box!!

what’s inside a mystery box??


Each box will contain an assortment of random items. These items can vary from gift cards, ridiculous gag gifts, promotional items previously sold, official merchandise (excluding clothing) And so much more you truly never know what could be inside the mystery box! BUT!! You also have a chance at winning cash we’re talking cash🦀🤑


Cash boxes

with a purchase of a box some lucky winners will receive cash


For this drop We will be giving out Approximately $5000 in cash prizes! One grand prize box will contain $1000 cash! For this drop we’re scattering the rest of the cash out. So there’s more chances to win smaller cash prizes this time!


there is a total of 1000 boxes available! We will continue selling until sold out




thank you guys so much for supporting me and the box. these mystery box sales go a long way with making more content! I know you guys will enjoy opening the mystery box. These are all hand assembled by me and my team.


I promise you guys will have fun unboxing my mystery box🦀📦


limit 5 boxes per household